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Students Speak

  • Masterji is a hidden gem. I was fortunate to discover him in Mysore when a casual drop-in turned into a 4+ month intensive study. - Augusto Leal, New York, USA
  • I believe that in an ocean of false guru he is a true Master, humble and full of experience and knowledge. I owe a lot to him if today I have become what I am. - Giovanni Formisano, Milan, Italy
  • I have been practicing Yoga for more than 15 years… Meeting Masterji for two months taught me and made me reflect about Yoga like never before. - Maria Telleria, Baghdad, Iraq
  • Masterji's direction, depth, knowledge, insight, patience, skill, compassion, love and intuition as a teacher is to be cherished by the sincere student who is yearning for the yoga in yoga. - Amit Heri, Los Angeles, California
  • I definitely encourage you to take yoga classes with Masterji and enjoy every single moment. In his classes you will be building your yoga treasure that will be always with you. - Gabriella De Rinaldis, Munich, Germany